We craft quality engagements across Web, Mobile and Print.
Try the examples below:

Engaging on Print

Spotted this in Print? Scan it with LiveBridge on the iPhone Digital Publishing News App, engage with Bandoola and get rewarded for engaging!

Engaging on Digital

Click on the text or the RW logo, engage with Bandoola and get rewarded for engaging!

Engaging on online display Ad

Find an ad that shows the RW logo. Click the RW logo to engage around the ad and get rewarded.

Engage with this test VW Print Ad using LiveBridge

'Scan with the LiveBridge on the Digital Publishing News iPhone App. LiveBridge is accessed from the main ‘Hamburger’ menu.'

Meet the team

  • Ali Al-Assam CEO


  • Reiner Mittelbach

    CEO of KnowledgeView

  • Sandra Donskyte

    Client Development Director

  • Manal Moukaddem

    MENA Region Director

  • Roberto Minio

    Principal Consultant
    Product Manager

  • Steve Liles

    Chief Architect

  • Diala Al Sharief

    Marketing Manager

The Rewardisement platform on the cloud


An online digital advertising, enhances interactivity, increases consumer engagement, improves audience retention and drives data capture

Makes Print Ads go live with mobile. Utilizes content recognition software to make print advertising interactive on smart-phones/tablets

Rewardisement Consumer journey

Publisher & advertiser journey